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Project development resources

TxDOTCONNECT is the agency’s custom-built system for managing the delivery of transportation programs, projects, and right of way. The system allows us to make a leap forward in productivity and consolidate the functionality of many of the legacy systems currently used by TxDOT. The agency launched the system in early 2019.


System releases

Planned letting release

This release brings the Letting process into TxDOTCONNECT with new functionality for Proposal Build & Publish, Sequencing, Advertisement, Addendum Approval, Letting Management, and  Post-Letting Activities. Video: Introducing Letting

February 2023 - Pre-Bid Q&A form

The Pre-Bid Q&A Form functionality standardizes the Pre-Bid Q&A process and allows contractors to submit their questions from TxDOT.gov.

May 2022 - Value engineering

The Value Engineering form is an automated replacement of Form 2502 that lets users track the requirements and recommendations for Value Engineering studies within TxDOTCONNECT.

April 2022 - Construction Milestones, Ready to Let checklist

The construction milestones functionality offers a single, centralized location for a larger audience to view and track project milestones that are maintained in P6. The ready to let checklist feature allows users to track the work required for a project stage to be changed to Ready to let. Video: April 2022

All releases

Functionality supports streamlined processes, improved tracking features and advanced mapping capabilities for users who work with Alternative Delivery Projects, Major Projects and the Unified Transportation Program. Video: September 2021

This functionality supports in-system management of Feasibility Study projects and includes new capabilities around workflow, reporting and mapping. This release also features new functionality to support bulk upload of key data in the Engineer’s Estimate into TxDOTCONNECT, so that thousands of bid items can be transferred easily and quickly by users and made available in the system. Video: May 2021

Consolidated maintenance project development functionality from a legacy system into TxDOTCONNECT, allowing users to manage maintenance projects in the same application as all other transportation projects, streamlining work processes and opening new capabilities to these users. Video: December 2020

Users program their projects to create an agency-wide Unified Transportation Program in the TxDOTCONNECT system, replacing Excel workbook processes and increasing transparency across the agency.

Users can see costs from different project phases and get an overall view of all estimated costs associated with a project. Video: October 2020

Users can save work on different pages while they work concurrently in the project module.

Replaced the bid item request with a new Specification Request Form.

Right of Way and Utilities project information is captured in TxDOTCONNECT, allowing staff to perform core duties in a unified system, eliminating dual data entry and the need to toggle between multiple legacy systems. Video: June 2020

TxDOT staff and consultants can create and manage the engineer's estimate in a modern system with a logical user interface instead of in spreadsheets. Video: October 2019

The first release of TxDOTCONNECT focused on construction projects and consolidated functionality from a legacy system (DCIS). It introduced a web-based, user-friendly system with geospatial mapping, new reporting capabilities, and automated work¬flows to assign resources to projects. Video: April 2019

System benefits

  • Introduces a modern, user-friendly system with a logical interface.
  • Supports better decision-making as a single source for accurate project data.
  • Standardizes business processes across the department.
  • Combines construction and maintenance projects in one system.
  • Consolidates functionality of up to 40 outdated legacy software systems.
  • Introduces geospatial mapping functions and new reporting capabilities.
  • Automates key workflows.
  • Creates audit trails documenting significant milestones.
  • Supports remote work through web application.
  • Consolidates the functionality of the Design/Construction Information System (DCIS). user interface and the Universal Specification File System (USF).
  • Consolidates the functionality of the Right of Way Information System (ROWIS).
  • Plan, manage, and measure transportation programs through the entire lifecycle.
  • Improves data security through modern, advanced infrastructure.
  • Saves operating costs by reducing dependency on mainframe.

TxDOTCONNECT impacts TxDOT employees and our external partners such as consultants, contractors, vendors, Metropolitan Planning Organizations, Local Governments, and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).


TXDOTCONNECT is delivered using a multi-release approach that allows TxDOT to segment and consolidate the functionality of legacy systems piece-by-piece, so that TxDOT can continue doing business with minimal disruption. TxDOTCONNECT is an outcome of the Modernize Portfolio and Project Management (MPPM) Initiative.

End users of TxDOTCONNECT, including external partners, receive ongoing training, and support throughout the transition to the new system.