Digital Delivery
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Digital Delivery

What is Digital Delivery?

Digital Delivery refers to a project delivery method that utilizes digital methods to share construction models and data between preconstruction and construction.

This site provides information and resources to support TxDOT’s mission to advance the way TxDOT plans, designs, and delivers transportation projects, using innovative digital delivery methods and tools to enable data-driven decision making, achieve efficiencies across the project lifecycle, support asset management, and provide a safe and resilient transportation system for all Texans.


The Digital Delivery program is not a singular event or immediate rollout. Instead, it comprises multiple components that will be implemented strategically, following thorough testing, piloting, and the development of comprehensive training materials.

TxDOT has developed the following preliminary Digital Delivery roadmap:


Workspace downloads


  • Complete design coverage for every square inch of the project.
  • Highly accurate model-based quantities.
  • Enhanced project communication and collaboration.
  • Clear communication of design intent.
  • Reduced overall project risk.
  • Automated data extraction of project assets.
  • Enables more precise, comprehensive, and competitive bids.
  • Significant reduction in Requests for Information (RFI) and change orders during construction.
  • Seamless translation of data from design to construction and beyond.
  • Lower overall construction costs.
  • Improved safety during construction.