Reference maps
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Reference maps

Congressional district

These maps show state-maintained roadways within Texas’s US congressional districts.

Texas House of Representatives map
Texas House of Representatives

Statewide map for each Texas House of Representative District.

Texas Senate map
Texas Senate

Displays each of the 31 Texas Senate Districts for Texas.


Peak hour on-system congestion maps.

Control section

A convenient and reliable linear referencing method for locating features along a roadway.


The departmental map serves as a visualization of all on-system routes (those that TxDOT maintains).

District and county map
District and county

Individual and the combined district and county maps.

Large metros

The state’s largest densely populated urban cores and their less densely populated surrounding areas.

Maintenance section routes

These maps show maintenance section routes by TxDOT district.

Memorial Highways map
Memorial Highways

Memorial Highways pay tribute to notable people or groups and can be designated by the state or by local governments.

Metropolitan Planning Organizations map

Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is required for each urban area with a population of more than 50,000 people.

Freight truck along highway
Non-radioactive hazardous materials routing

City and county routing maps for vehicles transporting non-radioactive hazardous materials.

Reference markers

A small green placard displaying a three-digit number that’s placed at intervals along all state-designated routes in Texas.

real property asset map

View the real property asset map showing property, utilities, and commercial signs.

Statewide planning

The statewide planning map application contains the following TxDOT maps.

Toll roads and HOV map (Houston)
Managed lanes including HOV lanes and toll roads

Map of toll roads and HOV lanes, including details such as toll names, IDs, operators, and mileage.