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Road construction worker holding a slow down sign

Traffic Safety Data Portal

The safety of Texans who travel the state's road systems and highways is of utmost importance to TxDOT. Learn what we're doing to improve road safety. 

Visit Traffic Safety Data Portal
Cars on a snowy road
Crash reports and records
TxDOT works tirelessly to reduce the number of Texas roadway accidents. You can only improve something if you measure it, which is why accurate crash reports and records are a priority.
Colorful image of topographical map
Reference and travel maps
Interested in taking a trip across our great state? Discover congestion maps, maps of our metro areas, and more to help you get to your destination on time.
TxDOT employees wearing hardhats in the field
Pocket facts
TxDOT's impact on the towns and communities of Texas is profound. Discover facts and figures that illustrate our effect.
Male TxDOT employee working in the materials labs and testing samples
Materials and test asphalt binder
It matters what materials make up our roadways and bridges. Learn about our standards and specifications.
Historic truss bridge over the Colorado River at La Grange
Historic bridges
Texas is home to many historic bridges and works to maintain them. Visit some of Texas' noteworthy bridges.
Illustration of satellite above Earth
Global positioning system
Since 1982, TxDOT has been using GPS technology. Discover Texas facts with help from 24 Department of Defense satellites.
txdot employee at desk with charts on screen
TxDOT one-stop demographic data analysis tool
A tool that allows you to review and report general demographic information for trend analysis.
Port system illustration
Maritime project dashboards

The Maritime Division’s project dashboards highlight port and waterway projects throughout the state.

Road construction worker pouring concrete at night

DISCOS - district and county statistics

This publication provides selected transportation-related statistics for each of the 254 counties and 25 TxDOT districts within the state.

Locate a district by county