Asphalt Binder Dashboard
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Asphalt Binder Dashboard

The asphalt binder lab tests around 500 supplier Quality Monitoring (QM) samples and district project samples every month. The asphalt binder test results summary dashboard provides an overall summary of all samples tested organized by supplier, material grade, date sampled, date tested, batch, reference sample, and a pass/fail indicator.

Asphalt binder results summary

To perform an analysis for a certain producer(s) and material grade(s) follow the steps below

     Step 1: Filter by grade then select a certain material grade or all material grades.

     Step 2: Filter by supplier. This filter can be used to select ALL suppliers, a specific supplier or multiple suppliers.

     Step 3: Select the analysis period. The analysis period is based on the material sampling date rather than the date it was received or tested by MTD.

     Step 4: Select the types of samples to include in the analysis: Project, Monthly or Both.

Note:  Please select "Full Screen" on the bottom right corner for best viewing results.

Once the filtering is done, more details about the sample can be obtained by hovering over the sample results (Pass/Fail bar). The date of last failure (sampling date) and the numbers of days since then are displayed, in addition, the dates the material was sampled in the field, received by MTD, and the date the testing was completed.

This dashboard is ideally used to look at a specific supplier and material grade performance over a certain period of time.