Submit an open records request
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Submit an open records request

TxDOT's policy is to provide you with the fullest possible access to public information. If you wish to request records under the Texas Public Information Act, please refer to the following requirements and guidelines.

  • Requests must be made in writing. Telephone requests are not considered open records requests.

  • Please include your name, contact information and a clear description of the records you are requesting in all open records request.

  • You may send an open records request now through our Open Records Management and Tracking System.
  • Written requests may also be mailed or delivered in person to our offices at 125 E. 11th St., Austin, TX 78701, or to the addresses listed on the district and division contact pages. Email requests will be accepted only through TxDOT no longer accepts open records requests by fax.

TxDOT is under no legal obligation to respond if the requirements of the Public Information Act are not followed. For more information about the Texas Public Information Act, please consult the Texas Office of Attorney General, Open Records Division.

Open records requests are not required for Texas Peace Officer's Crash Reports (CR-3), which are available for purchase through the Crash Report Online Purchase System.