Traffic signs and signals
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Traffic signs and signals

Have you ever thought that a traffic signal light was needed at an intersection? Have you ever wondered who is responsible for determining if a new signal light should be installed? Who would install it? Where should you go to ask for one? Would a traffic signal be the best solution for a traffic problem or is there another solution that might be more effective?

When properly located and operated, traffic signals are an invaluable tool for the safe and efficient movement of vehicles and pedestrians. Traffic signals assist traffic engineers in controlling traffic in a safe, orderly and efficient manner. They benefit the traveling public by providing orderly movement of vehicles, improved safety, reduced travel times and an increase in the amount of traffic that an intersection can handle.

It is TxDOT’s job to identify locations where traffic signals will benefit motorists. Providing enhancements to our transportation system is a responsibility we take very seriously. Even though traffic signals are valuable tools, they are not always the answer and may not be appropriate for use at every intersection.

Additional information

For more information, contact your local district office.