Traffic count maps
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ATTENTION TXDOT CUSTOMERS: Some TxDOT applications and equipment have been impacted by the worldwide CrowdStrike outage. State agencies across Texas are working closely with the Department of Information resources to restore services as quickly as possible. If you are unable to access specific TxDOT information or tools, please check back with us in a few hours. We will update this message once applications and equipment are fully restored.

Traffic count maps

TxDOT annually collects, on average, 82,000 short-term traffic volume counts and around 1,000 vehicle classification counts. These short-term counts are augmented by over 300 permanent count locations that collect data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Annual average daily traffic can be viewed in the district traffic and urban saturation web map, and additional traffic data statistics are available in the STARS II System.

Statewide Traffic Counts Web Map

The district traffic and urban saturation web map display AADTs on TxDOT maintained roads, county roads, and city streets that were collected in the reporting year. Counts include frontage roads when present. This is a user-friendly web map that displays AADTs on state-owned and non-state-owned roads where data is available. To request maps for additional historical data years, please contact TPP Traffic Section.

Statewide Traffic Analysis and Reporting System

Statewide Traffic Analysis and Reporting System is a TPP Statewide Traffic Monitoring Program database with detailed traffic data and statistics. Additional detailed traffic count statistics such as daily, hourly, directional, vehicle classification counts, and historical statistics, can be viewed in STARS II.