Brand Guidelines
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Brand Guidelines

A strong brand supports TxDOT’s mission, vision and values as we communicate with our government, business and public stakeholders. Communications materials created by or for TxDOT must follow these guidelines.

For additional information visit the general info page.

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Visual identity

The most effective way to strengthen TxDOT’s brand is through proper and consistent use. To this end, TxDOT requires placement of the approved logo on all digital or print communications materials.

Review TxDOT's visual identity for logo, font, color, and more.

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Featured Resources

TxDOT logo light blue background
TxDOT logo

Find information for the main TxDOT logo including, colors, version, clear space, and more.

TxDOT colors brand colors swatches

Access color information for primary and secondary color palettes including RGB and CMYK color values.

Letters and numbers on blue background
View typography

View the official fonts for TxDOT, including where to buy licenses, and free alternatives.

Looking for brand templates?

TxDOT Communications Division provides branded templates for resources like presentations, public involvement, reports, and more.

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