Brand Guidelines
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Brand Guidelines

Dive into TxDOT brand guidelines to create clear and consistent communications. These guidelines serve as a resource to ensure our brand is strong and recognizable. 

For additional info visit the brand guidelines general information page. 

Why does consistency matter?

Consistency is key in building trust and recognition among our audiences. By adhering to our brand guidelines, we ensure TxDOT is accurately represented in a cohesive manner.  

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Visual identity

Explore the elements of our visual identity including logo, typography/fonts, colors, and more. Consistent use visual elements ensures brand alignment. 

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Featured Resources

TxDOT logo white background
TxDOT logo

Review logo clear space, production, and minimum size requirements.

TxDOT colors brand colors swatches

Consistent use of colors enhances brand recognition and trust.

Letters on blue background
View typography

Typography is vital in conveying tone and style. Explore official fonts.

Highway 75 bridge construction
Public image gallery

Explore our image resources to enhance your storytelling. 

Looking for brand templates?

See samples designs of our ready-to-use templates for presentations, flyers, documents, and more, provided by the Communications Division. 

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