Typography and fonts
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Typography and fonts

Typography is an important part of TxDOT’s visual identity. Below is information for the official TxDOT brand fonts.  

Typography best practices

  • Use upper and lower case for headlines.
  • Use different weights and sizes to create content hierarchy. 
  • Generally, font size and weight decreases moving down or through a page/document.
  • Body content should be between 16 to 20 pixels or 8  to 12 points.
  • Line length should be 45 to 90 characters.
  • If using color for headlines, use TxDOT blue.
  • Never use TxDOT red for written content.

Approved brand fonts

Only use the approved brand fonts listed below. The primary typeface/font for communications is IBM Plex Sans. It has two versions, regular and condensed, which provide a range of weights. 

IBM Plex Regular

IBM Plex Condensed

Font alternative

When IBM Plex Sans is unavailable, use Verdana. Verdana is native to Windows and MacOS.

Important: All TxDOT brand templates are built using Verdana and do not require installation of IBM Plex Sans. 

Getting the fonts

IBM Plex Sans and IBM Plex Sans Condensed are available for free from Google fonts.