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TxDOT logo

Full color logo

The Signature is TxDOTs name, in either a one-line or three-line variation, to the bottom-right of the “Flying T.” Together, these two components create the primary TxDOT logo.

The TxDOT logo must be included on all communications materials.

Use of the TxDOT logo requires approval from Communications prior to use.

Accessing the logo

Employees can access the TxDOT logo from the organization's intranet. 

Vendors should request the logo, or brand templates, from their TxDOT point of contact.

3-Line logo

1-Line logo

Logo clear space

The minimum amount of clear space that can surround the logo is equal to the width of the base of the “T” symbol.

Clear space requirements apply to all versions and formats of the TxDOT logos.

Alternate logo versions

TxDOT uses a different variation of the logo for television and video. The “solid-bar logo” refers to a derivative that uses four solid bars in the “T” and bears a trademark symbol (™) rather than a registration mark (®) to the right of the “Flying T.”

This modified “T,” coupled with the Signature, creates the “solid-bar logo.” Its use is limited to television and video production.

Note that the ® mark indicates that the mark is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Conversely, a ™ indicates that the mark is not registered with USPTO.

Solid-bar version video and television use ONLY.

Video and Apparel logo

Logo colors

Colors are essential for ensuring a consistent visual identity. Blue and red are the official colors of TxDOT.

Do NOT alter or change these colors.

Logo Red

HEX: #e4002b
RGB: 228 / 0 / 43
CMYK: 0 / 93 / 79 / 0

Logo Blue

HEX: #00539e
RGB: 0 / 83 / 158
CMYK: 100 / 89 / 0 / 0


The 2-color logo is the preferred version. The 2-color logo should appear on a white background. When the 2-color version is not possible, the logo can be displayed in white on Logo Blue, black or gray backgrounds. The logo can also be displayed in Logo Blue, black or gray on a white background.

Important: Person Protective Equipment is approved to use the black version of the TxDOT logo, regardless of the background color.

Unapproved logo use

Altered logos are not permitted and will be removed. Reprinting will occur at the expense of the unit or team that produced the unapproved logo. Altering the logo for any reason is NOT permitted.

Do NOT alter TxDOT logos.