Global Positioning System (GPS)
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Global Positioning System (GPS)

TxDOT has been using GPS technology since 1982. GPS uses a constellation of 24 Department of Defense satellites for navigation and positioning.

At the heart of the TxDOT GPS effort is a network of 194 high-accuracy base stations referred to as "regional reference points." TxDOT is participating with the RRPs in the National Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) network operated by the National Geodetic Survey. The RRPs are based on the North American Datum 83 (EPOCH 2010.0) coordinates and are used to improve positional accuracy through post-processing techniques.

This base station data is available for the purpose of post-processing for differential corrections. 

GPS data disclaimer: This data has been supplied by state statute. No expressed or implied warranties are made by TxDOT for the accuracy, completeness, reliability, usability or suitability of the regional reference point data. The department assumes no responsibility for incorrect results or damages resulting from the use of the data.