Campaigns and outreach
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Campaigns and outreach

Beautification campaigns

Don't Mess With Texas trash barrel
Don't mess with Texas
Every year in Texas, approximately 362 million pieces of visible litter still pile up along state-maintained highways. The newest generation of "Don't mess with Texas" celebrities include the Randy Rogers Band, Grupo Fantasma, and Las Fenix. Our newest PSA features the Austin-based band the Black Pumas.
Adopt A Highway sign

The original Adopt-a-Highway Program began in Texas in 1985. Since then, it's grown into a nationally and internationally recognized litter-prevention effort, saving taxpayer dollars and keeping our highways clean.

Adopt an airport airplane on display
Private citizens, groups, and organizations can play a role in their local airport's development through the Adopt-an-Airport program. Eligible adopters commit to beautify an airport, enhance its image, and increase public awareness for two-year terms.
Planting blue bonnets
Planting Bluebonnets and other native wildflowers
Bluebonnets grow best in soils that are alkaline, moderate in fertility, and well drained. Full sun is also required for best growth. Seed may be planted September 1 through December 15; however, for best results, plant seeds no later than mid-November.

Outreach and education

TxDOT Beyond the Road program graphic
Beyond the Road
The Beyond the Road campaign tells the story of TxDOT's environmental responsibilities. Every day, teams of archeologists, historians, and environmental scientists work with engineers to plan around the state's natural, historical, and community resources.
People looking out Texas historic bridge
Texas historic bridges
Texas has a variety of beautiful historic bridges. These bridges are a testament to Texas' history of transportation and are cherished by the communities they serve.
Hands with artifacts archeology
Archeology and history
As TxDOT builds roads and bridges, archeologists and historians review how transportation projects might affect Texas' history, heritage, and cultural environments.
Public storm water program
Public Stormwater Program
TxDOT controls runoff by utilizing effective stormwater management practices such as vegetative swales and sedimentation ponds.
Fingerprint Texas icon, On the Road to End Human Trafficking.
Call 844-643-2251, 24/7 Toll Free & Confidential
On the road to end human trafficking

TxDOT is joining a statewide effort to encourage everyone to know, watch for and report signs of human trafficking.

Art by Pranivong
Aviation Art Contest

Since 1989, the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) has sponsored the International Aviation Art Contest to challenge young people to illustrate the importance of aviation through art. TxDOT’s Aviation Division hosts the contest at the state level.

Officer holding driver's license of driver under suspicion of DUI

Traffic safety campaigns

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