General information
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General information

Communications and brand review

Your proactive approach seeking brand review feedback enhances the quality and consistency of TxDOT’s brand. Employees or contractors creating communications materials are responsible for ensuring all brand guidelines are followed.

Important: Divisions/districts should seek a brand review regarding communication materials for the general public, legislators, metropolitan planning organizations, or local governments before finalization, production, or dissemination of materials.  

Printing and distribution

Creative Services works with the Digital Print Center and Print Shop in the Support Services Division to coordinate production when the Creative Services team is involved. If Creative Services isn’t involved, reprints for example, items may be ordered directly from the Digital Print Center or Print Shop. Some items may need to be outsourced to external vendors based on the production method or production schedules.  

Ownership of content

Communications and branded items developed by employees or contractors, as specified in contracts, belong to TxDOT.  


Brand guidelines require all communication materials ahere to TxDOT accessibility policies. 

For more information, see the Accessibility Policy.

Rights and use

It is the responsibility of employees or contractors to ensure proper licensing and permissions are obtained for graphics, illustrations, photography, etc.

When sourcing graphics, illustrations, and photography assets, always verify the terms of use and obtain written permission when required. If you have any questions or need guidance about licensing, please contact the Creative Services for assistance.  

Registered and trademarked information

Do not use trademarked brand names, logos, or any other protected intellectual property that doesn’t belong to TxDOT, in any TxDOT documents or communications.

Items produced with trademarks, not belonging to TxDOT, will be reproduced at the divisions or districts expense.