Material producer list
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Material producer list

The files below contain TxDOT-approved products and materials from various manufacturers and producers. Each file may contain the following information:

  • Products
  • Materials
  • Producers
  • Manufacturers
  • Producer codes

Additional information may appear as the subject warrants. In some cases, archived files are available.

Note: You may need to clear your cache and Internet history to view the most recent documents.


Last updated: Apr. 11, 2024
Aggregates (Bituminous Rated Source Quality Catalog)
Aggregates (Concrete Rated Source Quality Catalog)
Aggregates (Concrete Aggregates Excluded from Option 7 ASR Mitigation)
Aggregates (Concrete Aggregates Excluded from Option 8 ASR Mitigation)
Asphalt Binders
Asphalt Interlayer (Tracking Resistant)
Asphalt Release Agents
Asphalt Concrete Patching Material (Stockpile Storage or Bagged)
Asphaltic Concrete Patching Material, Rapid Curing (Containerized)
Barrier Reflectors
Bituminous Marker Adhesive
Cementitious Grouts and Mortars for Miscellaneous Applications
Chemical Admixtures for Concrete
Coal Ash
Coal Ash - after June 2020 Letting
Commercial Laboratories Certified for ASTM C 1260/1567 Test Methods
Commercial Laboratories Approved for Flexible Base Referee Requests
Compliant Work Zone Traffic Control Device List
Concrete Curing Compounds (Liquid Membrane-Forming)
Concrete Evaporation Retardants
Concrete Repair Materials
Concrete Surface Finishes
Concrete Surface Treatments (Penetrating)
Concrete Traffic Barrier Fabricators (DMS-7350 Multi-Project)
Crack Sealer (Rubber Asphalt)
Crashworthy Small Roadside Sign Supports
Detectable Warning Material
Elastomeric Bridge Bearing Pad Manufacturers
Epoxies and Adhesives
Epoxy Applicators for Reinforcing Steel
Epoxy Powder Coating Sources
Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP)
Fiber Reinforced Polymer Patching Material
Fibers for Class A and Class B Concrete Applications
Flexible Delineator and Object Marker Posts
Galvanizing Repair Paints
Geogrid for Base/Embankment Reinforcement
Glass Traffic Beads
Grouts for Post-tensioning
Headlight Glare Screens
High Mast Illumination Pole Fabrication Plants
High Mast Ring and Support Assembly Fabrication Plants
Hydraulic Cement
Inertial Profilers
Inertial Profiler Operators
Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)/Camera Pole Fabrication Plants
Joint Sealers
Junction Boxes, Manholes, and Inlets Fabrication Plants (Multi-Project)
Laboratories Approved to Perform Tex-242-F, Hamburg Wheel-Tracking Test
Longitudinal Channelizing Mountable Curb System
Mechanical Couplers
Metal Beam Guard Fence (Composite Material Blocks and Posts)
Metal Beam Guard Fence (Rail Element Manufacturers)
Metal Railing Fabrication Plants
Mobile Retroreflectivity Providers
Multiple Piece Tie Bar Producers
Natural Pozzolans
Nonhazardous Recycled Materials
Overhead Sign Support Structure and Sign Walkway Fabrication Plants
Paint, Anti-Graffiti
Paint, One Coat Overcoat
Paint, Silicone Resin
Paint Systems for Steel Piling
Paintable Caulk for Concrete and Steel
Paints (Structural, High Corrosion Environment)
Pavement Markers (All-Weather, Reflectorized, Snowplowable)
Raised Pavement Markers and Traffic Buttons
Pavement Marking Material (Construction-Grade, Temporary)
Pavement Markings (Multipolymer)
Pavement Markings (Thermoplastic)
Permanent Prefabricated Pavement Markings
Polymer Concrete
Polymeric Materials for Patching Spalls in Concrete Pavement
Precast Nonstressed Member Fabricators (DMS-7300 Multi-Project)
Precast Prestressed Member Fabricators (DMS-7300 Multi-Project)
Precast Trench Drain
Prime Coat Binder
Railroad Work Prequalified Contractors/Subcontractors
Recycled Asphalt Shingles
Reinforced Concrete Pipe and Machine-Made Precast Box Culvert Fabrication Plants
Reinforced Fabric Joint Underseal
Reinforcing Steel Mills
Roadway Illumination and Electrical Supplies
Roadway Illumination Pole and Luminaire Arm Fabrication Plants
Rumble Strips (Transverse)
Sign Face Materials
Silica Fume
Silt Fence, Filter Fabric, and Fabric Underseal
Slag Cement
Steel Bridge Fabrication Shops
Steel Strand, Uncoated Seven-Wire Stress-Relieved and Low Relaxation for Prestress Concrete
Temporary (Removable) Prefabricated Pavement Markings
Temporary Flexible, Reflective Roadway Marker Tabs
Thermoplastic Pipe, Joints, and Fittings
Timber Treating Plants and Suppliers
Traffic Control Training
Traffic Paint
Traffic Signal Pole Assembly Fabrication Plants
Traffic Signals
Vehicle Loop Wire Sealant
Warm Mix Asphalt