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Maps Measure Query LRS
Sketch Legend About
Texas Imagery Service
TxDOT Light Gray
TxDOT Dark Gray
Esri Streets
Open Street Map
Clear Overlays
Air Quality
Alt Fuels - Compressed Natural Gas
Alt Fuels - Electric
Alt Fuels - Hydrogen
Alt Fuels - Liquefied Natural Gas
Alt Fuels - Propane
Area Offices
Border Crossings
Control Sections
Councils of Governments (COG)
Connectivity Corridors
Congestion (Base Year)
Congestion (Forecast Year)
Disadvantaged Census Tracts
Energy Sector Corridors
Functional Classification & Urban Areas
Functional Classification (Proposed)
Future Interstates
Future Traffic & Percent Truck
Highway Designations
Hurricane Evacuation Routes
Live Traffic
Maintenance District Routes
Maintenance Section Boundaries
Maintenance Section Routes
Memorial Highways
Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO)
National Highway Freight Network (FHWA)
National Highway System
Permanent Count Stations
Projects - Construction underway or begins soon
Projects - Construction begins within 4 years
Projects - Construction begins in 5 to 10 years
Projects - Corridor Studies, construction in 10+ years
Reference Markers
Regional Mobility Authorities (RMA)
Roadway Inventory - On-System Roadbeds
Rumble Strips
Shale Plays
Speed Limits
State House Districts
State Senate Districts
Strategic Highway Network (STRAHNET)
Texas Highway Freight Network (TxDOT)
Texas Trunk System & Urban Areas
Tolls (Future & Proposed)
Top 100 Congested Roadways
TxDOT Bicycle Tourism Example Network
TxDOT Facilities
US House Districts
Vertical Clearance

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Roadway Data Dictionary

LRS Readout Tool

Click on a route in the map to populate the table and calculate the following:

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Reference Marker Offset

Distance from Origin


* Note - Calculated Control Section Milepoint values available on centerlines only.

Control Section Milepoint
Control Section:
Calculated MPT:
Begin MPT:
End MPT:
Reference Marker Offset
Marker Number:
Distance from Origin
Route Name:
Calculated DFO:
Begin DFO:
End DFO:
Latitude and Longitude
Sketch Planning Tool
* Note - This tool is for planning purposes only. It is not a tool for roadway design or engineering purposes.

Construction cost estimates are calculated using average project cost by type from August 2003 to August 2013 in 2013 dollars.

Frontage roads assumed two lanes per direction when selected.

Map Legend
Map Disclaimer
The Statewide Planning Map displays data in support of planning operations at TxDOT.

Although we try to update information as often as possible, we are not assuming any responsibility for any damages or inaccuracies if you rely on it.

We offer no warranty that this application is accurate or complete. The information shown is for informational purposes and may not have been prepared for or be suitable for legal, engineering, or surveying purposes.

It does not represent an on-the-ground survey and represents only the approximate relative location of property/administrative boundaries.