Road user costs
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Road user costs

Each year TxDOT re-calculates road user costs, which the department sets for use in A + B bidding, incentives/disincentives for milestones and final substantial completion, lane rentals, and additional project-specific liquidated damages.

Road user costs per vehicle hour

Year Car Truck Memo
2024 $37.20 $52.75 2024
2023 $34.93 $47.94 2023
2022 $32.83 $45.05 2022
2021 $30.54 $41.91 2021
2020 $30.12 $41.33 2020

Texas Transportation Code §223.012 requires TxDOT to calculate additional project-specific liquidated damages (APSLD) on projects that have a significant impact on the traveling public. TxDOT developed the Road User Cost Calculator, for use in conjunction with Form 2699, to determine these additional disincentives to help ensure the timely completion of projects.

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