Environmental training and development
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Environmental training and development

Welcome to TxDOT Environmental Division’s (ENV) Training and Development page. The ENV Division provides environmental online and instructor-led courses for its non-TxDOT partners. Consultants, contractors, and other interested individuals are welcome to register for these classes. Online courses are available for a fee.

Instructor-led courses are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. No certification from TxDOT is implied or intended for individuals who attend and complete a course. Please visit the TxDOT Training Catalog page to view upcoming instructor-led class opportunities and complete the registration process.

Use the ENV course abbreviation on the Training Catalog page to see all available environmental courses.

Online courses

Courses are available through the University of Texas-Arlington's Division for Enterprise Development and through AASHTO's Training Store. These courses are generally one hour in length.


If a course or seat reservation is cancelled, TxDOT will send an email notification and directions on next steps.
TxDOT reserves the right to cancel a course for any reason, and each course has an attendance minimum. If the attendance minimum is not met, the course will be canceled. TxDOT also reserves the right to cancel individual seat reservations, for up to one calendar week before a course, to accommodate TxDOT training needs. As necessary, the seat reservations will be canceled starting from the last-reserved seat.