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Training enrollment guidelines for external agencies at TxDOT

Welcome to TxDOT's training program for external agencies. We're delighted to offer these courses at no cost to participants, but there are specific guidelines to follow for enrollment. To ensure a seamless process, please carefully review the following instructions.

Course selection

  • For learners local to the Austin, El Paso, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Pharr districts, in-person sessions are strongly recommended.
  • Please note that virtual classes often have long waitlists and are less likely to have available seats.
  • Enrollments are NOT guaranteed.

Enrollment process

  • Submitting a training request does not guarantee enrollment in your selected course.
  • Requests are processed in the order received (first come, first served), with processing completed by the day before the class start date.
  • Your request may be in queue until the specific enrollment deadline, which varies (typically between 30 days and the first day of class).
  • Early submission is recommended, and enrollment status is typically confirmed by 14 days before the class starts but may vary depending on demand.

Confirmation and participation

  • If you have not received confirmation of enrollment, you are not enrolled. Please refrain from attending the class without confirmation, as you will not be permitted to participate.
  • Most notifications are sent at least 14 days before the class start date.
  • Availability indicated upon registration may not accurately reflect the class status, as updates occur daily.

Agency limitations

  • Due to class enrollment limits, TxDOT allows a maximum of 3 participants per class, per agency, to ensure equitable opportunities for all agencies.

Avoid duplicate requests

  • Please refrain from submitting multiple requests for different dates of the same course. Confirmations are sent up to 30 days before the start date. If unavailable, you may submit another request for a later date.
  • Multiple requests may result in unavailable notifications and conflicting registration statuses.

Class availability

  • Availability upon registration may not accurately reflect class capacity. For instance, if registration shows "7/15," it indicates that 8 spots are available, but these numbers may not have been updated yet with forms currently in the queue. Updates to availability occur daily.
  • In-person classes are generally easier to secure. Virtual classes tend to fill up quickly, often with TxDOT staff, leaving limited availability for external agencies.
  • Enrollments are NOT guaranteed.


  • Classes with pre-requisites require completion through TxDOT. Registrants must fulfill pre-requisite courses exclusively through TxDOT; registrations completed elsewhere are no longer accepted.

National Highway Institute (NHI) courses

  • For NHI course participation, register directly on the NHI website. A fee is required prior to receiving enrollment confirmation from TxDOT.

For any inquiries regarding training opportunities, please contact Workforce Development. Session information is updated nightly.

Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to assisting you with your training needs at TxDOT.

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