TxDOT eLearning - Electrical training videos
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TxDOT eLearning - Electrical training videos

The electrical and Illumination training videos below are geared toward contractors and TxDOT personnel who work on electrical systems on Texas Highways. The videos help installers and inspectors understand installation and material requirements.

The wide range of topics covered include conduit, conductors, electrical safety, high mast pole winch inspection and TxDOT’s custom-built electrical services. The 23 videos were produced by Channel 3 Productions in cooperation with the TxDOT Traffic Operations Division.

Updated electrical training videos

Archived electrical training videos

No. Title Runtime
1 The Importance of Proper Grounding 32:30
2 The Importance of Electrical Safety 19:10
3 Inspection of Ground Boxes 18:00
4 Inspecting Electrical Conductors 23:01
5 Conduit Inspections 30:00
6 Duct Cable Inspections 23:22
7 The Importance and Methods of Bonding Metallic Ground Box Covers 20:21
8 Inspecting Breakaway Electrical Connectors 13:30
9 High Mast Pole Assembly 17:30
10 Inspecting the High Mast Pole Power Drive Assembly's Torque Limiting Coupling 08:42
11 Inspecting the High Mast Pole Winch 17:42
12 High Mast Pole Operation and Maintenance 31:40
13 Type "A" Electrical Service 22:37
14 Rigging & Erection of the High Mast Pole 14:40
15 Inspecting the High Mast Pole Drill Shaft 13:00
16 Type "T" Electrical Service 21:30
17 Luminaire Pole Placement Guidelines 07:51
18 Trouble-Shooting Roadway Illumination Systems 21:44
19 Light Pole Foundation Inspection 23:24
20 Type "D" Electrical Service 25:40
21 Cobra Head Luminaire 13:31
22 Introduction to the Induction Fluorescent Light Fixture 12:20
23 Introduction to the High Mast Pole Fixture 13:50

Note: The high-resolution MP4 videos are large files that require a fast Internet connection. It may take a few minutes for these videos to begin streaming.

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