Utility crossing permits for state owned rail - SOP
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Utility crossing permits for state owned rail - SOP

Below is the standard operating procedure to be followed for all requests for utility crossings of state-owned rail lines. This includes electric, fiber optic, water, gas, oil, television and similar lines. Such utilities may involve underground, surface or overhead facilities. It is geared toward the only operating state-owned rail line in Texas, the South Orient Rail Line from Coleman to Presidio. The procedure follows the same guidelines set forth for utilities crossing TxDOT highways.

State laws regulate utility crossings of the South Orient Rail Line right of way. Requests for pedestrian or vehicular crossings are handled separately; applicants for these agreements should contact Texas Pacifico directly by phone at 325-942-8164 or by email.

SOP for utility crossing requests

  • Refer to the map below to determine what TxDOT District your proposed utility crossing is located in. South Orient Rail Line crossings will be in Brownwood, San Angelo, Odessa or El Paso Districts. TxDOT District boundaries are located at county line boundaries.
  • Use the contact list below to find the Utility Coordinator associated with the appropriate District. Some Districts have more than one contact.
  • Apply for a no-fee Utility Crossing Permit with this Utility Coordinator. Permits are reviewed and issued based on Texas Administrative Code – Utility Accommodation for Rail Facilities (Title 43, Part 1, Chapter 21, Sub-Chapter 0).
  • Once this permit is obtained, contact the Texas Pacifico Rail Safety Manager through the contact information listed below to coordinate installation of utility line and access. Texas Pacifico is the railroad operator for the South Orient Rail Line.

District contacts

District Contact Phone number
Brownwood Richey Truitt 325-643-0420
El Paso Jorge Barragan 915-790-4266
Odessa Christopher West 432-498-4716
San Angelo James Whitlock Jr. 325-947-9271