TxDOT standard plan sheets - computer aided design (CAD)
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TxDOT standard plan sheets - computer aided design (CAD)

TxDOT provides computer aided drawing (CAD) Standard Plan files. Good quality printed versions of the files may be used in plan sets without being signed and sealed by a licensed engineer.

CAD standard plan files

Files are maintained by the TxDOT division or district identified in the plan title block.

  • Statewide: statewide files can be used for jobs across the state.
  • District: district files are modified statewide files or are developed exclusively for use in the district.

Modifying standard files

If you need to modify a standard file for a specific job, you must do the following:

  • Document and date in the revision block of the sheet.
  • Append the standard plan name inside the title block with, (MOD).
  • A licensed engineer must sign and seal each modified standard file.

Download CAD standard plan files

By downloading the files below, you accept the terms and conditions.