Local Government Projects Toolkit
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Local Government Projects Toolkit

The Local Government Projects Toolkit provides organized access to rules, regulations, and procedures for projects managed by local governments that include federal or state funding provided by TxDOT.

The toolkit and related documents address state and federal requirements administered through the Federal Highway Administration. The toolkit does not address public transportation, aviation, or concessionaire projects.

Reference documents

Each project phase includes links to applicable sections of the reference documents listed below. These tools assist with the development and management of local government transportation projects, assure compliance with state and federal laws, assure proper use of public funds, and allow local governments to receive full reimbursement on eligible project costs.

  • Local Government Projects Policy Manual
    Provides information on federal and state laws and regulations relevant to each step in project development.
  • Local Government Project Management Guide
    Provides processes and procedures to successfully accomplish all project development phases.
  • Summary of Best Practices Workbook
    Provides a quick reference tool and workbook for project administration.

Browser compatibility

The manual, guide, and workbook have links to many documents and websites. If any links from those documents fail to open, please consider copying the target address and using a different browser.