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SiteManager forms

Below are links to Excel forms for use with SiteManager, a software program that automates and streamlines the management of highway construction contracts.


No. Title
AASHTO315 Dynamic Shear Rheometer
AASHTOT26 Chemical Analysis of Water
ASTMA931 Tension Testing of Wire Ropes and Strand
ASTMC1202 Electrical Indication of Concrete's Ability to Resist Chloride Ion Penetration (Permeability)
ASTMC1856 Ultra-High Performance Concrete - Compressive Strength Testing
ASTMD2369 Percent Solids of Curing Compound
HCCMxDes2 Hydraulic Cement Concrete Mix Design and Control (Mix Design)
HCCMxDes14 Hydraulic Cement Concrete Mix Design and Control (2014 Mix Design)
SS4216 Thermoplastic Pipe Inspection
Tx1001 Ride Quality Analysis
Tx101P3 Sieve Analysis of Road-Mix Stabilized Material - Part III
Tx103 Moisture Content of Aggregates
Tx104-6 Atterberg Limits
Tx107 Bar Linear Shrinkage
Tx110 Particle Size Analysis
Tx110P2 Particle Size Analysis of Soil - Part II
Tex112 Admixing Lime to Reduce Plasticity Index of Soils
Tx113,4 Moisture-Density Relations of Base Material and Cohesionless Sand and Subgrade and Embankment Soils
Tx113 Moisture-Density Relations of Base Material and Cohesionless Sand
Tx114 Moisture-Density Relations of Subgrade and Embankment Soils
Tx115 Nuclear Density and Moisture Determination: Tex-115-E
Tx116 Resistance to Degradation by Wet Ball Mill Method
Tx117 Triaxial Compression Tests: Tex-117-E
Tx120 Soil-Cement Testing
Tx120-21 Soil-Cement or Lime Testing
Tx121 Soil-Lime Testing
Tx121P3 Determining Stabilization Ability of Lime by Soil pH
Tx123 Determining the Drainage Factor of Soil Materials
Tx124 Potential Vertical Rise
Tx128 Determining Soil PH
Tx129 Measuring the Resistivity of Soil Materials
Tx12ASB Density of Asphalt Stabilized Base
Tx130 Slurry Testing
Tx140 Measuring Thickness of Pavement Layer
Tx144 Dielectric Value Test
Tx144-14 Tube Suction Test
Tx145,146 Testing Soil and Base Material
Tx145P2 Testing Soil and Base Material
Tx148 Soil Organic Content Using UV-VIS Method
Tx200 Sieve Analysis of Non-Surface Treatment Aggregates
Tx200st Sieve Analysis of Surface Treatment Aggregate
Tx201 Bulk Specific Gravity and Water Absorption of Aggregate
Tx203 Sand Equivalent
Tx207,27 HMAC Properties and Gradation
Tx207V-4 Segregation Profile for Four (4) Sublots
Tx207VII TEX-207-F, PART VII Longitudinal Joint Density
Tx208,31 Determining Stability of Bituminous Mixtures
Tx217 Deleterious Materials and Decantation For Coarse Aggr
Tx224 Determining Flakiness Index
Tx226 Indirect Tensile Strength Test
Tx229 Combined Gradation
Tx235 Determining Draindown Characteristics in Bituminous Materials
Tx236 Asphalt Content and Combined Aggregate Gradation
Tx242 Hamburg Wheel-Tracking Test
Tx244-4 TEX-244-F, Thermal Profile of Hot Mix Asphalt (4 Sublots Included)
Tx245 Cantabro
Tx246 Time of Water Flow of Compacted Hot Mix Asphalt Pavement
Tx248 Overlay Test
Tx249 Shear Test
Tx250 Ideal Cracking Test
Tx252 Determining the Presence of Harmful Clays Using Methylene Blue
Tx280 Flat, Elongated, or Flat and Elongated Particles in Coarse Aggregate
Tx2AC Determination of Moisture, Asphalt and Volatile Content
Tx2ExtGrd Combined Gradation
Tx2MgEst Estimated Magnesium Sulfate Soundness Loss
Tx2MixDe14 HMACP Mixture Design: Combined Gradation (2014)
Tx2MixDe4 HMACP Mixture Design: Combined Gradation (2004)
Tx2MxProp HMAC Mix Properties
Tx2Patch Designing Patch Mix
Tx2QCQA04 QC/QA Design Data
Tx2QCQA14 2014 QC/QA Design Data
Tx401-2 Sieve Analysis for Fine and Coarse Aggregate
Tx403-5,9 Moisture Properties and Unit Weight of Concrete Aggregates
Tx404 Unit Weight of Lightweight Surface Treatment Aggregates
Tx406 Decantation Test for Concrete Aggregates
Tx408 Organic Impurities in Fine Aggregate for Concrete
Tx410 Resistance to Degradation by Abrasion and Impact in Los Angeles Machine
Tx411m Magnesium Sulfate Soundness
Tx411s Sodium Sulfate Soundness
Tx413 Deleterious Materials
Tx414,6 Determining Air Content of Portland Cement Concrete
Tx417 TEX-417-A, Unit Weight, Yield, and Air Content (Gravimetric) of Concrete
Tx418,48 Portland Cement Concrete Report
Tx423 Determining Pavement Thickness by Direct Measurement
Tx423B Determining Bridge Deck Thickness by Direct Measurement
Tx424 Measuring Length of Drilled Concrete Cores
Tx424,III Testing of Drilled Cores of Portland Cement Concrete
Tx430 Slump Loss of Hydraulic Cement Concrete
Tx431 Pressure Slaking Test of Synthetic Coarse Aggregate
Tx432 Coarse Aggregate Freeze-Thaw
Tx433 Absorption and Dry Bulk Specific Gravity of Lightweight Coarse Aggregate
Tx436 Measuring Texture Depth by the Sand Patch Method
Tx438 Accelerated Polish Test for Coarse Aggregate
Tx451 Density of In Place Unhardened and Hardened Concrete by the Nuclear Methods
Tx460 Course Aggregate Angularity by Fractured Faces Count
Tx461 Degradation of Coarse Aggregate by Micro-Deval Abrasion
Tx472 Hydraulic Cement Concrete Report Uniformity of Concrete
Tx4AgClas Accelerated Polish Test for Coarse Aggregate
Tx4Fresh Hydraulic Cement Concrete Report
Tx4Hard Hydraulic Cement Concrete Report for Structural Concrete
Tx4Hard2 TEX-418-A, Compressive Strength of Cylindrical Concrete Specimens
Tx4Pave04 Hydraulic Cement Concrete Report for Concrete Pavement
TX4RCC Roller Compacted Concrete Worksheet
Tx530 Effect of Water on Bituminous Paving Mixtures (Boiling and Stripping)
Tx531 Prediction of Moisture-Induced Damage to Bituminous Paving Mixtures
Tx600 Lime Testing
Tx612 Acid Insoluble Residue for Fine Aggregate
Tx620 Determining Chloride and Sulfate Content in Soils
Tx743 Testing Mechanical Couplers for Slip, Fatigue and Tensile Strength
TxARDes Asphalt-Rubber Binder Design
TxBITIAT Hot Mix Asphalt, Independent Assurance Testing
TxCompMat Compost Organic Matter and Maturity Test
TxDrlShft Bridge - Drill Shaft Report
TxFBMxDes Mix Design for Flowable Backfill
TxPlng.xlsm Bridge - Piling Report
TxRap1 TEX-106-E OR TEX-406-A
TxRap2 Properties of Recovered Asphalts by the Abson Process
TxTRAs Tests Properties of Asphaltic Materials
TxTrasph Test Properties of Asphaltic Materials