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The Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) section helps project managers and team members grow their project management skills through training, role modeling, and mentoring support.



The PPM Project Management Training Program offers instructor led classroom training focused on assisting project managers and project teams to deliver successful projects.

While TxDOT employees have first priority in enrolling in courses, consultants and contractors are welcome to register for classes on a first-come, first-serve basis. Certification for course completion is not offered to external attendees.

Target audience

  • Existing and developing project managers.
  • Project team members, engineers, and supporting technical staff.
  • Anyone who leads projects or supporting tasks.


Registration begins 30-45 days before the course start date, if seats are available. See timeline.

  1. Complete an out-of-agency registration form.
  2. A confirmation email will be sent if seats are available.

Do not attend the class unless you have received a confirmation. Please call the training helpline for assistance at (512) 416-2000.


There is no fee associated with these classes.


If a course or seat reservation is cancelled, an email notification will be sent and you will be placed on a waiting list for the next course.

We reserve the right to cancel your reservation for any reason, including:

  • Low attendance.
  • To accommodate our internal training needs. Reservations may be canceled up to one week before a course start date and are canceled starting from the last-reserved seat.

Course Schedule

Upcoming courses are listed below.

Transportation Scheduling Using P6 – PMD103

This class identifies and applies transportation project schedule management practices using TxDOT scheduling guidance and Primavera P6 software.

Date Location
02/23/21 Virtual
03/23/21 Virtual
04/13/21 Virtual
05/04/21 Virtual
05/25/21 Virtual
06/15/21 Virtual
07/06/21 Virtual
07/27/21 Virtual
08/24/21 Virtual

Construction Contract Time Determination for Transportation Projects Using P6 – PMD108

This interactive class teaches students how to create accurate and reasonable contract time determination schedules considering specific project constraints during a project’s development phase utilizing Primavera P6 software.

Date Location
02/24/21 Virtual
04/14/21 Virtual
05/26/21 Virtual
07/07/21 Virtual
08/25/21 Virtual

Construction Schedule Review for Transportation Projects Using P6 – PMD109

This interactive class teaches students how to apply best practices to review critical path method (CPM) construction schedules. The reviews use both schedules and schedules in Primavera P6 software.

Date Location
03/25/21 Virtual
05/06/21 Virtual
06/17/21 Virtual
07/29/21 Virtual

Project Scope Management – PMD120

This interactive class will use case studies and exercises to explore how to define project scope, collect requirements, verify scope, and control scope throughout the project life cycle.

Date Location
03/10/21 Virtual
04/07/21 Virtual
05/12/21 Virtual
06/09/21 Virtual
07/14/21 Virtual
08/11/21 Virtual

Construction Cost Estimating – PMD142

This course builds upon cost estimating best practices and techniques to assess risks in contingencies. Attendees will gain an understanding of the Risk –Based Construction Cost Estimating (RBCCE) tool kit, framework, and process.

Date Location
02/16/21 Virtual
03/16/21 Virtual
04/13/21 Virtual
05/18/21 Virtual
06/15/21 Virtual
07/20/21 Virtual
08/17/21 Virtual

Project Risk Management – PMD151

Transportation Project Risk Management students will develop, identify, analyze, manage, and communicate a transportation project risk management plan throughout the project life cycle.

Date Location
03/10/21 Virtual
04/07/21 Virtual
05/12/21 Virtual
06/09/21 Virtual
07/14/21 Virtual
08/11/21 Virtual

Transportation Project Management at TxDOT – PMD300

This class explores day-to-day project management activities to deliver successful transportation projects. Using a series of class exercises, students will work through realistic, applicable exercises to learn project management tools and techniques to apply to daily activities.

Date Location
03/09/21 Virtual
04/06/21 Virtual
05/11/21 Virtual
06/08/21 Virtual
07/13/21 Virtual
08/10/21 Virtual

Introduction to Program and Portfolio Management at TxDOT – PMD301

This course covers relationships between project management, program management and portfolio management at TxDOT.  The content is based upon both PMI industry standards and TxDOT best practices.  Participants should have project management experience.

Date Location
03/04/21 Virtual
04/22/21 Virtual
06/23/21 Virtual
09/01/21 Virtual

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