Freight planning
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Freight planning

Transportation planning

Ensuring the safe and efficient movement of goods is critical to Texas' economy and quality of life. Each year, Texas infrastructure moves billions of tons and trillions of dollars of freight, making Texas an essential link in the global supply chain. TxDOT integrates multimodal freight, trade, and equity considerations into agency-wide planning and programming activities to maintain and improve freight-supportive infrastructure across the state.

Texas Freight Advisory Committee

The Texas Freight Advisory Committee is comprised of diverse expert industry and contributor opinions, who identify significant freight system trends, needs, and issues with respect to the State, that are critical to freight planning. These freight policies, strategies, and performance measures guide the freight-related transportation investment decisions. This long-range planning and coordination, serves as a forum for agency transportation decisions affecting the movement of goods and people.

Texas Delivers 2050 - Freight Plan

TxDOT has hosted several meetings around the state over the last 12 months and gathered feedback from the public and guidance from the Texas Freight Advisory Committee to update the Texas Freight Mobility Plan.

The plan has been adopted by the Texas Transportation Commission and was submitted to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).