Active Transportation Plan Inventory
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Active Transportation Plan Inventory

The Active Transportation Plan Inventory is a map-based inventory of bicycle and pedestrian-related transportation plans published by planning entities at varying geographic levels across the state. It was created by TxDOT to assist planning entities, designers, engineers, and other planning professionals focused on active transportation with collaboration and coordination during project development by serving as a central repository of existing active transportation planning documents. Local planners are encouraged to input and update their active transportation plan details in the Plan Submission Portal to keep the inventory current and useful. Please review the user guide for instructions on how to submit your plan.

The Active Transportation Plan Inventory provides public users with easy access to active transportation plan information. Active Transportation Plan Inventory users can view and search the inventory of bicycle, pedestrian, and other active transportation plans across Texas by clicking on a map, selecting a plan, searching for key terms, or filtering by type of planning entity or active travel mode.

Texas Active Transportation Plan Inventory map
Texas Active Transportation Plan Inventory map
  • Facilitates TxDOT engineers’ efforts to consider local networks and preferences while scoping projects and developing their own plans.
  • Provides engineers and planners with an easily accessible database to view active transportation plans to determine how they may interact geographically with one another and with proposed roadway projects, facilitating collaboration between agencies.
  • Allows local governments, transportation agencies, and other interested stakeholders to catalog, access, and easily identify available plans related to bicycling and walking, specific geographic areas, or types of active transportation plans.
  • Becomes a living planning resource to be expanded and continuously updated.

TxDOT manages the Active Transportation Plan Inventory. However, it depends on local entities to contribute plan information and keep the entries up to date. Your contributions will help enable a coordinated effort to integrate more active transportation in local networks, creating safer and more sustainable transportation opportunities for all road users.

Active transportation involves any type of human-powered, non-motorized form of transportation. These modes typically include bicycling, walking, wheelchair use, and micro-mobility vehicles such as electric scooters.

Any entity in Texas who has developed an adopted plan, for which all or part of that plan focuses on active transportation, may submit their plan information to the Active Transportation Plan Inventory. Among these entities are cities, counties, MPOs, and TxDOT districts. Navigate to the Plan Submission Portal to submit your organization’s active transportation plan information.

Plans that specifically address active transportation in all or part of the plan can be submitted. Relevant plans may contain information such as design guidelines, network maps, goals and objectives, and recommendations on infrastructure type and location.

Please send an email to with any additional questions about the Active Transportation Plan Inventory.