Aviation Capital Improvement Program
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Aviation Capital Improvement Program

Transportation planning

The Aviation Capital Improvement Program (ACIP) is a tentative three-year schedule of federal and state airport development projects. Airport needs are categorized by the objective they address. The objectives, in order of importance, assigned by the Texas Transportation Commission are:

  • Enhance safety.
  • Preserve existing facilities.
  • Respond to present needs.
  • Provide for anticipated needs.

The ACIP is updated continually and submitted annually for approval from the Texas Transportation Commission.

  • View the Current 2024-2026 ACIP. This version includes pending projects in the current fiscal year plus the subsequent two years.
  • New: TxDOT Aviation recently developed a supplemental document detailing important information about our program and processes.

TxDOT regularly receives input from sponsors regarding their airport needs and plans. This information is used to refine and update the ACIP. Comments on this document and the ACIP process are welcome.