Statewide summary: estimated project costs/revenues
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Statewide summary: estimated project costs/revenues

Estimated project costs and anticipated revenues

The STIP document contains MPO and rural TIPs that list the projects and their programmed costs by geographic area.

Based on the PTN Division's transit funding tables for statewide expenditures and spreadsheets generated by the districts using the PC STIP program (not including grouped project categories unless projects in those categories were also listed individually), the Transportation Planning and Programming Division has compiled the financial summary tables for programmed dollars for rural and MPO projects.

Transit summaries for the projects in specific rural or MPO areas (not statewide), in most cases, are included in the individual rural or MPO TIPs. These summaries are compiled using funding allocations provided by PTN. It is important to note that these summary tables contain cost estimates and dollars for the projects that were listed and programmed at the time the MPOs and districts compiled the project lists, and that the actual cost of any one project will be more or less when that project is constructed or implemented.

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