Transit funding
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Transit funding

TxDOT's Public Transportation Division will administer transit funds to ensure operation within the legal requirements in accordance with Federal Transit Administration (FTA) regulations. The following explanations are essential to understanding the financial feasibility of transit funding procedures as they relate to the preparation and approval of the TIPs and STIP:

  • FTA Section 5307 - Mass transit apportionment to urbanized areas based on population, population density and operating performance. The department has authority over the distribution of funds to urbanized areas with a population of less than 200,000. TxDOT will limit annual project allocations to stay within the apportionment furnished by FTA.
  • FTA Section 5309 - Mass transit discretionary funds for capital projects only. The presence of an identifier number in the project description indicates the transit agency has received the funds requested. Otherwise, the numbers shown in each fiscal year simply reflect needs as perceived by the requesting agencies and operators. Funding for the following programs is constrained to the Federal Transit Administration's published estimates of future funding levels.
  • FTA Section 5310 - Provides federal funds to public and private nonprofit entities for the transportation of elderly individuals and/or individuals with disabilities. Grants are for capital equipment, preventive maintenance and purchase of service only.
  • FTA Section 5311 - Provides funds for Rural Transit Programs. Thirty-nine entities blanketing the state provide service in the non-urbanized areas.
  • FTA Section 5316 - Funds projects that provide work transportation or transportation to support services such as training, job search and child care.
  • FTA Section 5317 - Provides funds for projects that provide new public transportation services and public transportation alternatives beyond those currently required by the Americans with Disabilities Act. TxDOT is responsible for ensuring consistency between the preparation of FTA-mandated coordinated, regional, public transit-human service plans and applicable metropolitan or statewide transportation planning processes outlined in 23 CFR 450.306(g).

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