Texas-Mexico Border Transportation Master Plan
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Texas-Mexico Border Transportation Master Plan

Why the Texas-Mexico border matters

Transportation infrastructure in Texas plays a vital role in facilitating the nation’s trade with Mexico. Given the current and projected travel demand, improving the capacity and operations of the existing multimodal infrastructure is critical to alleviate traffic congestion, facilitate international trade, e-commerce, reduce environmental impacts, and improve the quality of life for residents in the border region.

We, in collaboration with the Border Trade Advisory Committee (BTAC), partnered with binational federal, state, regional, and private sector stakeholders to undertake the development of the Texas-Mexico Border Transportation Master Plan 2021 (BTMP). The binational plan (English Español) is a comprehensive, multi-modal, long-range plan that outlines 22 policies, 153 programs, and 661 project recommendations to address identified, current, and future cross-border issues and transportation needs, challenges, opportunities, and investment strategies for moving people and goods and enhancing the state’s economic competitiveness in trade and beyond.

Binational stakeholder engagement: regional plans

TxDOT takes a holistic approach to border planning, developing one plan for the entire Texas-Mexico border, with the understanding that each border region is distinct and has unique geographic, trade, economic, and population characteristics. The binational plan covers the following three Texas-Mexico border regions:

Next steps: implementation plan

Stakeholders in both countries can now use the BTMP materials, policy, program, and project recommendations from both sides of the border to strengthen Texas-Mexico partnerships, guide stakeholders, and make informed decisions to address cross-border multimodal transportation system challenges. Following the adoption of the BTMP by the Texas Transportation Commission in March 2021, and under the continued direction of the Border Trade Advisory Committee (BTAC), it is vital to advance the recommendations in the plan toward implementation.

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The International Trade and Border Planning Branch oversees the long-standing coordination and collaboration between Texas and Mexico partnerships for binational planning, programming, and implementation of policies, programs, and projects to facilitate efficient and safe cross-border movement of people and goods, and to promote Texas’ key role in international trade in the U.S.

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For more information about international trade and bilateral transportation planning and programs, contact the International Trade and Border Planning Branch at TXDOT_BorderTrade@txdot.gov.