District bicycle plan pilot
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District bicycle plan pilot

The State of Texas’ on-system transportation network – roads owned, operated, and managed by TxDOT – connects communities, regions, and destinations within and outside of Texas. While many bikeways are planned and funded at the local level, TxDOT works with local communities to develop bikeway networks integrated with the state system to improve safety, connectivity, and access within and between TxDOT districts. 

TxDOT is working to develop regional plans to further provide safe, thoughtfully designed well-maintained facilities for bicyclists within each district and between districts, providing connectivity across the state. This is the next step for the state to plan more effectively for this mode of travel and develop an approach that can be applied across Texas.

Currently the focus is on Bryan, Pharr, Laredo, and San Antonio districts.

The plan analyzes the needs for bicycle infrastructure on the state highway system, prioritizes locations for bicycling improvements, and identifies what role different routes should play in the bicycling network. It also incorporates the public and stakeholder feedback received. The planning process will help develop an approach that can be applied in all 25 TxDOT districts. This effort will include technical studies, stakeholder engagement, and virtual public events.

The draft plans for the Bryan, Pharr, Laredo, and San Antonio districts are available for review between July 9, 2024, and August 9, 2024. TxDOT encourages participants to provide input on the Bryan, Laredo, Pharr, and San Antonio district bicycle plans. 

Find your district’s plan as well as the online interactive map in the table below.

Written comments from the public regarding the district bicycle plan are requested.

Comments must be postmarked or received by Friday, August 9, 2024, to be part of the draft plan public comment period.