Strategic Initiatives and Innovation Division
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Strategic Initiatives and Innovation Division

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The Strategic Initiatives and Innovation Division (STR) advances the enterprise initiatives within the agency’s strategic plan and its executive leadership. STR works with experts and industry leaders to plan and prepare for the future of transportation in Texas and promotes a culture of innovation and collaboration. These initiatives are a collaborative effort between the agency and consortiums comprising a network of local, regional, and state agencies and research institutions with expertise in transportation and technology. These individuals are committed to addressing statewide mobility challenges by offering their services to the Texas Technology Task Force (TTTF), the Texas Innovation Alliance (TIA), the Connected and Automated Vehicles Task Force, and the State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC).

Some of the initiatives that STR drives are the Cooperative and Automated Transportation (CAT) program, emerging technologies, digital roadway data, enterprise AI strategy, future traffic management centers and systems, and statewide 511. STR also runs the Innovative Transportation in Texas program to support and reward innovation in transportation projects, technology, and processes. Moreover, STR handles enterprise administrative programs and governance for performance measures, enterprise policy, continuity of operations, and risk prevention.

Erika Kemp serves as director.