Materials and Tests Division
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Materials and Tests Division

TxDOT Divisions

The Materials and Tests Division provides service and expertise in materials quality and technology for the Texas transportation system. The division is responsible for developing and maintaining TxDOT’s specifications and test procedures, testing materials for compliance with specifications, and administering the Quality Monitoring and Quality Assurance Programs. It provides assistance to the field in resolving materials-related problems and implementing the use of new or improved materials.

Ryan C. Barborak, P.E. serves as director.

Additional contacts

Contacts Telephone
Specifications 512-647-8635
Quality Assurance 737-990-8736
Coatings and Traffic Materials Section 512-965-9141
Flexible Pavements Section 512-221-7408
Geotechnical, Soils and Aggregates Section 512-289-2634
Rigid Pavements and Concrete Materials Section 512-484-6484
Prefabricated Structural Materials Section 512-431-4819