Innovative Transportation in Texas
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Innovative Transportation in Texas

As Texas’ population continues to grow and the number of vehicles on our highways increases, improving our transportation systems and enhancing safety for our traveling public is our highest priority.

TxDOT has launched the “Innovative Transportation in Texas” program to identify, evaluate and develop innovative solutions to meet the growing transportation needs. 

TxDOT’s districts and divisions are developing and launching new, innovative tools and processes that are improving the use of resources, materials, human capital and technology while also increasing roadway safety. Read more about these new innovations.

Innovation is about inspiration and creativity, and you all are the key. Help us continue to meet our challenges by turning ideas into solutions.

TxDOT’s Marc Williams during the 96th Annual Transportation Short Course opening session (10/12/22)


TxDOT culture naturally accelerates the identification, sharing, and implementation of innovations with staff and industry partners.

With the evolution of transportation technologies, TxDOT realizes the importance of collaboration with internal and external stakeholders and works with a network of local, regional, and state agencies and research institutions committed to addressing community mobility challenges at the national level, state, cities, and regional levels. 

State Task Forces and committees provide Texans with a single, unified source of information regarding the coordination and advancement of roadway technologies across the state. 

The chart below provides an overview of three groups currently in place:

Every Day Counts

TxDOT participates in programs at the federal level and engages in FHWA’s Every Day Counts (EDC) program. The EDC program identifies innovation categories to focus on for each EDC 2-year cycle. State DOTs (Departments of Transportation) identify, share, and rapidly deploy proven innovations that make transportation systems adaptable, sustainable, equitable, and safer for all. 

EDC-7 Innovation Topics (2023-2024)

  • Nighttime Visibility for Safety
  • Next Generation TIM (Traffic Incident Management)
  • Integration GHG (greenhouse gas) Assessment and Reduction Targets in Transportation Planning
  • Enhancing Performance with Internally Cured Concrete
  • EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) for Sustainable Project Delivery
  • Rethinking DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) for Design Build
  • Strategic Workforce Development

Transportation leaders from across the country gather at a virtual summit to discuss and identify opportunities to implement the innovations that best fit the needs of the State’s transportation program.

Staff suggestions

The button below allows you to submit your improvement or innovation ideas directly to TxDOT's Staff Suggestion Program. After you submit the form,  members of the program team will thoroughly review and evaluate your suggestion for potential future implementation. Please provide as much detail as possible to fully understand your idea. Thank you for sharing your improvement and innovation ideas with TxDOT!