The Fleet Operations Division is responsible for acquiring, maintaining and managing a reliable and efficient fleet of more than 12,000 assets to build and maintain the state’s transportation system. The division establishes policies and procedures for statewide fleet management and supports the department’s fleet management software system. Fleet Operations works closely with headquarters and field offices to develop plans for fleet utilization, equipment acquisition and disposal, maintenance and emergency management. The division provides technical assistance to districts on equipment-related issues and conducts quality assurance in all TxDOT equipment shops. The division also monitors equipment fuel use and coordinates the department’s alternative fuels program.

The Fleet Operations Division represents TxDOT on a national alternative fuels task force — a joint project among multiple states and the Federal Highway Administration. Find out more about the Deployment of Alternative Vehicle and Fuel Technologies Initiative.

Dalton Pratt serves as director of Fleet Operations. Contact us with questions or comments.