Economically Disadvantaged County Program

In 1997, the 75th Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 370, better known as TxDOT’s Sunset Bill. Section 2.18 of SB 370 gave the Texas Transportation Commission the ability to adjust the minimum local matching funds requirement.

Administrative Rules

Administrative rules pertaining to the program were incorporated into Title 43, Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Sections 15.50-15.56, which describe federal, state and local responsiblities for cost participation in highway improvement projects. Section 15.55(b) specifically addresses the EDCP.


An economically disadvantaged county, when compared to other counties in the state, has the following characteristics:

  • Below average per capita taxable property value
  • Below average per capita income
  • Above average unemployment

TxDOT identifies counties that meet all three criteria on an annual basis using data from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

The amount of relief granted to eligible projects is based on a formula developed to measure a local government’s effort and ability to provide their local match for projects.

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