Broadband Program
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Broadband Program

Launched in 2023 and jointly sponsored by the Right of Way and Information Technology Divisions, the TxDOT Broadband Program is responsible for administering the agency broadband program. To deploy infrastructure and reduce costs to Texas, collaboration between public and private partners is vital. TxDOT Broadband Program will:

  • Provide access to ROW - Right of way shall be open via utility permit to allow access for broadband providers, and to ensure no single company has preferred access.
  • Maximize resource sharing - “Dig Once” by installing conduit duct banks during compatible highway construction projects and expand capacity by permitting or leasing conduit and fiber.
  • Assist statewide broadband initiatives - Support the State’s effort to expand broadband infrastructure to bridge the digital divide across Texas.
  • Foster TxDOT broadband capacity – Facilitate the growth of TxDOT broadband infrastructure to promote agency initiatives for workforce connectivity and intelligent transportation systems.

Connecting you with Texas – Digitally!


Advance broadband infrastructure across Texas to bridge the digital divide benefiting TxDOT and all Texans.


Broadband infrastructure coordination

On December 3, 2021, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) published the Broadband Infrastructure Deployment Final Rule to Title 23 Code of Federal Regulations Part 645. In this document, FHWA “aims to facilitate the installation of broadband infrastructure.”

Requirements of the State include establishing a registration process for broadband providers to be notified of the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) on an annual basis. Communication of the annual STIP allows an opportunity to coordinate broadband infrastructure installation in state rights of way.

Please use the link below to register as part of TxDOT’s Broadband Infrastructure Coordination notifications.

To comply with FHWA’s Final Ruling, as outlined above, this process for Broadband Companies registers you to receive information about TxDOT’s STIP on an annual basis. TxDOT’s current STIP can be found here .

Questions? FAQ’s can be found under the Information navigation on the left side of the page. Any other questions can be sent to .