Right of Way Utility and Leasing Information System
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Right of Way Utility and Leasing Information System

In an effort to continuously improve project delivery technology, the Right of Way Division is automating the utility and leasing process with the implementation of RULIS, the Right of Way Utility and Leasing Information System.

RULIS will include utility installation permits (replacing Utility Installation Review System - UIR), utility agreements, utility reimbursements, utility conflict management solutions, Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE), as-built plans, saltwater leases, real property leases, sale of surplus property, and a mobile utility inspection application. This system will also interface with TxDOTCONNECT and Texas.gov for online lease payments.


RULIS will be delivered using a multi-release approach that allows TxDOT to segment and consolidate the functionality of legacy systems and processes piece-by-piece so that TxDOT can continue doing business with minimal disruption. RULIS is an outcome of the Modernize Portfolio and Project Management (MPPM) Initiative.

End users of RULIS, including external partners, will receive ongoing training and support throughout the transition to the new system.

System release schedule

Coming July 2023

  • Utility permitting (replacing the Utility Installation Review System with collaboration from Maintenance Division)
  • Automation of exception to policy process
  • Automation of abandonment of utility facilities process
  • Integrations with TxDOTCONNECT and OnBase

Note about submitting permits

​Can utility consultants submit permits on behalf of the utility owner?

The Right of Way and Maintenance Divisions have received multiple questions related to consultants for utility companies submitting permits on their behalf or as a representative of the Utility Company.

TxDOT's policy will remain that utility consultants may not submit permits in RULIS. This policy is the same as in UIR, where users with "Consultant" privilege access cannot submit permits. Utility companies assigning consultants "User" privilege access is against TxDOT policy.

TAC 21.38 (a)(1) states, "A utility is responsible for the construction and maintenance of its utility facility, including installation, adjustment or relocation, replacement, expansion, and repair. Construction and maintenance must conform to the requirements of §21.37 of this subchapter (relating to Design) and shall be accomplished in a manner and to a standard acceptable to the department."

With the recent issues of utility companies' facilities that were installed in the incorrect location, causing delays to transportation roadway construction across the State, as a solution, TxDOT will require a representative of the utility company to sign off that the information is correct by submitting the permit application and final location as-builts to the RULIS application.

If you have any additional questions, please submit your questions to ROW_Applications_Helpdesk@txdot.gov or your local Utility Specialist.

Data migration and system availability timeline

In preparation for launch, users who work with utility permitting functionality that will be available in RULIS, should take note of key data migration and system availability dates. This timeline provides impacted users on actions to take before legacy systems are turned off in preparation for RULIS go live.

UIR system availability

  • Only permits from April 1, 2022 – July 18, 2023 will be active in UIR
  • Close out or complete work on the remaining active permits in UIR by December 31, 2023
  • No amendments can be processed on these permits in UIR
  • Amendments will be treated as new permits that will need to be submitted in RULIS

Future deployments 2023 – 2024

  • Saltwater leases and real property leases
  • Utility agreements
  • Utility reimbursements
  • Utility conflict management
  • Subsurface utility engineering (SUE)
  • As-built plans
  • Sale of surplus property

System benefits

  • Single account for all districts and security roles
  • Simultaneous SME review
  • GIS mapping and data collection
  • Enhanced security
  • Standardized and streamlined solutions
  • Full integration with TxDOTCONNECT and OnBase
  • Accessible from multiple browsers, including Chrome and Edge
  • Mobile application for inspections
  • Online payments for leases