Commercial Signs Regulatory Program
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Commercial Signs Regulatory Program


TxDOT regulates commercial signs along Texas highways under Transportation Code Ch. 391 and outdoor advertising along minor roads outside of the corporate limits of cities, towns and villages under Transportation Code Ch. 394. Commercial signs do not include signs located within the state right of way, including traffic signs, memorial signs, or logo signs.


TxDOT’s Right-of-Way Division is excited to announce that a new Commercial Signs Licensing and Permitting Application system is coming soon to replace the Enterprise Permitting Solution (known as EPS or Accela).

Texas Administrative Code

All regulations concerning commercial signs and outdoor advertising in Texas can be found online in the following subchapters of the Title 43 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 21:

*Please note that amendments made to Trans. Code Ch. 391 have changed the maximum height of newly constructed signs to 60 feet, which is not yet reflected in the administrative code.

Report alleged violations of law and rules for commercial signs in EPS.

Commercial signs, junkyards, and regulated highways map

The regulations for commercial signs and outdoor advertising in Texas require information such as the classification of roadways and the locations of other permitted signs. TxDOT maintains a public-access reference map to assist you with obtaining some of this information; a link to which is provided below:

Enterprise Permitting Solution (EPS)

Enterprise Permitting Solution (EPS) allows you to manage the licensing and permitting for your commercial sign business online. Through EPS, you can do the following without needing to submit forms by mail:

  • Apply for, amend, and renew a license or permit.
  • Register for directional signs.
  • Obtain nonprofit permits.
  • Resolve violations.
  • Transfer permits to other operators.
  • Request replacement plates.
  • Submit and track complaints.

Please read the following prior to starting the registration process:

  • The person registering for the account should be the primary contact.
  • The primary contact may register delegates after completing the registration process.
  • All primary contacts and delegates should register as individuals even if they work for a company/organization.

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More information

If you require assistance or have questions concerning commercial signs and outdoor advertising, please contact the Right of Way Division. Responses usually occur within one business day.