RULIS Frequently Asked Questions
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RULIS Frequently Asked Questions

Utilities login and registration

In accordance with IT security requirements, you are required to log into RULIS every 180 days and reset your password every 180 days or less to avoid being locked out of the application. If you have been locked out of your account, please email so that we can submit a ticket on your behalf to unlock your account.

The length of the password is based on TxDOT security requirements.

Yes. Users will transition from having multiple logins and passwords to a single login and password. This change is designed with the safety and privacy of data in mind, reducing the risk of security breaches, simplifying access, and managing shared accounts. For more detailed instructions on creating a RULIS account, please see the job aid titled RULIS Utilities Login and Registration for External Users.

Yes, consultants will have a singular login, streamlining the process and allowing them to work more efficiently on behalf of multiple companies.

Yes, the Manager of an Organizational Unit can be transferred to another user.

If you’re the manager of an Organizational Unit associated with the Utility or Consultant Company, you will see the permits that have an Action Required. As a Utility Company, you will only see permits submitted by Utility Consultants in your Submitted Applications if you are the user that acknowledged the permit.

Yes, as a manager, you have full control of the users in the account and can manage their requests.

When logging in for the first time, check to see if your company is already added in the system. If it's not, you can add your company. This process is covered in our tutorial and in the job aid.

No. Please create only one account, regardless of the regions your company covers in Texas.

Any user that is selected as a Manager of the Organizational Unit can approve, add, and remove other Members.

Your single RULIS login will work to submit permits statewide.

Yes, a Utility Consultant can link to multiple Utility Companies and will be able to submit permits for Utility Owner Acknowledgment on behalf of numerous Utility Companies.

TxDOT's policy will remain that utility consultants may not submit permits in RULIS. This policy is the same as in UIR, where users with "Consultant" privilege access cannot submit permits. Utility companies assigning consultants "User" privilege access is against TxDOT policy.

TAC 21.38 (a)(1) states, "A utility is responsible for the construction and maintenance of its utility facility, including installation, adjustment or relocation, replacement, expansion, and repair. Construction and maintenance must conform to the requirements of §21.37 of this subchapter (relating to Design) and shall be accomplished in a manner and to a standard acceptable to the department."

With the recent issues of utility companies' facilities that were installed in the incorrect location, causing delays to transportation roadway construction across the State, as a solution, TxDOT will require a representative of the utility company to sign off that the information is correct by submitting the permit application and final location as-builts to the RULIS application.

If you have any additional questions, please submit your questions to or your local Utility Specialist.

Creating a utility permit application

Sewer/Wastewater will be chosen in the attributes as Non-Potable Water after the design is drawn. TxDOT aligned RULIS with ASCE 75-22: Standard Guideline for Recording and Exchanging Utility Infrastructure Data and complies with TAC RULE §21.37 21.37 Design.

Yes, the recommended naming convention for files uploaded to your utility permit in RULIS is DocumentName_Revision#_MMDDYYYY.pdf. For example, TCP_Revision1_11272023.pdf.


Yes, the system uses the location specified on the map to determine the appropriate district for permit review.

Yes, an enhancement has been made to the system to allow users to zoom in on the map using Lat/Long coordinates.

The layer button on the map feature is best used when you are drawing the utility.

Adding a layer in the map for the Real Property Asset Map (RPAM) will be considered as a potential future enhancement.

Yes, you can upload a CSV or shapefile to your permit. Please note, even if you upload a shapefile for the layers and facility placement, you will still need to draw the utility on the map, but it does not need to be precise.

No. Permits will not be accepted in RULIS for off-system highways or highways that are not maintained by the state. TxDOT does not have jurisdiction over these facilities.

Project numbering

No, the CSJ number and the Project ID number are distinct. The Project ID is autogenerated within TxDOTCONNECT once the project is saved and is unique to TxDOTCONNECT.