Environmental programs
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Environmental programs

Environmental specialist in the field
National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Assignment Documentation
TxDOT has seen overall project development improvements through the NEPA assignment program.
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Clear Air Plan
In March 2002, we partnered with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to create the Drive Clean Texas (DCT) campaign.
Alligator in wetland
Mitigation banks
TxDOT has three mitigation banks that offer wetland and stream credits to offset impacts associated with on-system transportation projects.
Ranch to Market Road 1826
MS4 Notice of Intent (NOI)
TxDOT’s MS4 area is defined as the state highway right of way (ROW) within urbanized areas.
Environmental Impact Statement Reports
The project sponsor will document the number of positive, negative and neutral public comments received at a public hearing regarding an environmental impact statement (EIS).
Rainbow at Pecos County US 190
Air quality
In the urban areas of Texas, concentrations of emissions from automotive exhaust pose a potential threat to human health.