Clean Air Plan
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Clean Air Plan

In March 2002, TxDOT partnered with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to create the Drive Clean Texas (DCT) Campaign, the goals of which have been incorporated into the current Take Care of Texas Campaign. This program asks the public to help reduce air pollution by driving less, maintaining their vehicles, avoiding unnecessary idling, buying more energy-efficient vehicles and driving the speed limit.

The Clean Air Plan is our internal effort to take the same kind of action, and go a step further, including using LED lights for new signal lights, using alternative-fuel vehicles for TxDOT business and using green energy providers.

TxDOT initiatives

  • Use low-emission diesel fuel.
  • Avoid refueling vehicles between 6 - 10 a.m.
  • Limit vehicle idling.
  • Avoid mowing TxDOT property on Ozone Action Days.
  • Encourage contractors to use new equipment to mow the right of way.
  • Encourage contractors to avoid mowing the right of way on Ozone Action Days.
  • Purchase solar-powered light and sign boards.
  • Use only LED signal bulbs.
  • Use only low-emission/spill-proof gas cans.
  • Encourage contractors to apply for Texas Emissions Reduction Plan grants.
  • Send Ozone Action Day notifications.
  • Encourage car- and vanpooling.
  • Give priority parking to car- and vanpools.
  • Provide DCT training for new and current employees.
  • Hold DCT workshops and other clean air events.
  • Use hybrids, dual-fuel and other alternative-fueled vehicles.
  • Allow flexible and compressed work schedules.
  • Offer direct deposit.

Commuting initiatives

  • Car and vanpooling.
  • Use public transit.
  • Walking or biking to work.
  • Limit workday outings.
  • Maintain personal vehicles.
  • Purchase cleaner personal vehicles.
  • Use commuter rail where available.