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Transportation Systems Management & Operations (TSMO)

Texas roads are busier than ever and more drivers increase the potential for crashes and congestion.

TxDOT is addressing these issues through the implementation of Transportation Systems Management & Operations (TSMO) and has developed a statewide TSMO Strategic Plan.

TSMO is a strategic approach to proactively improve mobility for all modes of transportation by integrating planning and design with operations and maintenance to holistically manage the transportation network and optimize existing infrastructure.

The Traffic Operations Division was renamed the Traffic Safety Division Sept. 1, 2018.


With vehicle miles traveled (VMT) continually increasing, congestion throughout Texas is expected to get worse with the current pace of infrastructure development. The statewide TSMO program aims to improve mobility and safety through coordinated mobility strategies that are supported by well-defined institutional arrangements, operating procedures and regional partnerships. It is further aimed at influencing a culture which recognizes traffic management systems as a core priority, supported by dedicated programs and funding.

TSMO brings a customer-centric focus to the project development process by prioritizing mobility solutions which apply technology and other innovative techniques. TSMO mobility strategies are relatively low in cost compared to adding capacity, can be implemented in less time, and potentially offer higher benefit-cost ratios.

TSMO Plan Development

TxDOT partnered with stakeholders in seven outreach events across the state to gather information presented in the TSMO Outreach Event Summary. This information was then used to develop the  statewide TSMO Strategic Plan. TxDOT districts/regions are now using the information from the statewide strategic plan to develop individual TSMO Program and Service Layer Plans to meet the mission, goals and objectives outlined in the following section.

TSMO Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives

Statewide TSMO Vision: Improve safety and mobility for all modes of transportation by integrating planning, design, operations and maintenance activities and acknowledging all opportunities for innovation.

Statewide TSMO Mission: Through innovation, collaboration, and performance‐based decision making, the existing transportation facilities are developed, constructed, maintained and operated cost‐effectively, with the end user in mind.

Statewide TSMO Goals and Objectives: 

  • Safety - Reduce crashes and fatalities through continuous improvement of traffic management systems and procedures.
  • Reliability - Optimize travel times on transportation systems in critical corridors to ensure travelers are reaching their destinations in the amount of time they expected for the journey.
  • Efficiency - Implement projects that optimize existing transportation system capacity and alleviate congestion. 
  • Customer Service - Provide timely and accurate travel information to customers so they can make informed mobility decisions.
  • Collaboration - Proactively manage and operate an integrated transportation system through multijurisdictional coordination, and cooperation between various transportation disciplines and partner agencies.
  • Integration - Prioritize TSMO as a core objective in the agency's planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance activities.

TSMO Program and Tactical Plans

District/region TSMO Program and Tactical Plans will be made available as they are developed. The Austin District TSMO Program Plan and Quick Reference Guide can be found below:

More Information