School bus safety
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School bus safety

School bus drivers do everything they can to keep children safe, but motorists are also responsible for driving safely around school buses. In 2022, seven people were killed and 51 seriously injured in the 2,305 crashes involving a Texas school bus. Driver inattention and speed were the top factors in those crashes.

Tips for drivers sharing the road with school buses

  • Follow at a safe distance, keeping in mind that school buses make frequent stops.
  • Always stay alert for children around buses and remember that they may not always look for vehicles before crossing the street.
  • Stop for flashing red lights or a stop sign on a school bus regardless of which direction you’re headed. Continue once the bus has moved, the flashing lights stop flashing, or the bus driver signals it’s okay to pass.
  • Violations can lead to a fine of up to $1,250 for a first offense.

Tips for students

  • Stand as far back from the curb as possible when you are waiting for a bus.
  • Wait until the bus has come to a complete stop and watch for the driver to signal that it’s safe to board.
  • Listen to the bus driver and sit still to avoid distracting the driver.
  • When exiting the bus, cross only in front of the bus, never behind it. Make eye contact with the driver and wait for the driver’s signal that it’s safe to cross the street.