Safety: the primary concern
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Safety: the primary concern

Most traffic problems are not simple and do not have simple solutions. Decisions are sometimes made with the admirable motive to "quick-fix" a particular problem. However, rarely does a single traffic control tool solve all the traffic problems in a community.

Reasonable speed limits

Research has shown that speed limits set below the reasonable speed of most drivers do not significantly reduce the number of crashes on a road. In fact, crashes may increase with unreasonably low speed limits.

TxDOT's goal has always been to set speed limits that maximize safety and are respected and obeyed by motorists. By using sound engineering principles, we can provide a balanced transportation system that gets motorists to their destination as safely and as quickly as possible.

TxDOT is responsible for building and maintaining the state transportation system and has no authority to cite vehicle violations of any kind. That jurisdiction falls under the Texas Department of Public Safety and local authorities.

Traffic control devices

In addition to setting reasonable speed limits based on accepted engineering principles, TxDOT uses a variety of traffic control devices to improve safety. These include the use of flashing beacons to alert motorists to upcoming intersections, pavement markings and raised pavement markers to guide motorists, and signs to advise drivers of reduced speed limits ahead.

Driving to conditions

Please remember that observing speed limits means more than driving faster or slower than the posted speed. It means driving to conditions. When it is raining or foggy, when ice is on the road, when traffic is heavy, when road construction is ahead, adjust your speed accordingly.