Faces of Drunk Driving
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Faces of Drunk Driving

TxDOT's Drive Sober. No Regrets. campaign uses testimonials to remind Texans of the real and tragic human toll of impaired driving. In these Faces of Drunk Driving accounts, survivors and victims' loved ones urge viewers to never get behind the wheel after drinking any amount of alcohol.

Beyond the possibility of taking a life - including your own - driving impaired and getting a DWI can result in real time-consuming legal hassles and fines and fees up to $17,000. Offenders may have trouble finding or keeping a job, lose the trust of loved ones, and face a lifetime of regret.

Drunk driving is never necessary. There is always a safer alternative, and those alternatives are easier than ever. Options include taking a taxi or rideshare service, designating a sober driver, calling a friend or family member, using public transit or simply staying put until you can get safely behind the wheel. Paying for a safe ride is much cheaper than paying for a DWI after a life-altering crash.

To learn more about the real costs of impaired driving and to watch these compelling personal stories, visit Sober Rides. Follow the hashtag #DriveSoberNoRegrets to keep up with the campaign on social media.

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