Pedestrian Safety Campaign
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Pedestrian Safety Campaign

Pedestrian traffic fatalities increased 30 percent in Texas from 2018 through 2022 and now account for one in five of all roadway deaths. In 2022, there were 5,766 crashes involving pedestrians in our state, resulting in 830 deaths. Another 1,526 people were seriously injured.

The top factors contributing to traffic crashes in Texas involving pedestrians are:

  • Pedestrians failing to yield the right-of-way to vehicles.
  • Drivers failing to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians.
  • Driver inattention.
  • Speeding.

Pedestrians are among the most vulnerable road users because they aren’t equipped with protective equipment such as airbags, seat belts, and bumpers. All of us share a responsibility to follow the rules of the road and bring the number of pedestrian fatalities to zero. TxDOT offers the safety tips below to prevent a deadly encounter.

For pedestrians

  • Cross the street only at intersections or crosswalks. Look left, right, then left again before crossing.
  • Make eye contact with drivers before crossing. Don’t assume traffic will stop for you.
  • Follow all traffic and crosswalk signals.
  • Use the sidewalk. If there is not one, walk on the left side of the roadway or shoulder of the highway facing oncoming traffic, unless the left side or shoulder of the highway facing oncoming traffic is obstructed or unsafe.
  • When walking, put away electronic devices that take your eyes and ears off the road.
  • Stay visible. Wear reflective materials and use a flashlight at night.

For drivers

  • Stop and yield for pedestrians in crosswalks.
  • When turning, yield the right of way to pedestrians.
  • Be cautious when passing stopped buses or other vehicles that can block your view of pedestrians.
  • Pay attention and put your phone away, so you’re prepared if pedestrians enter your path.
  • Follow the posted speed limit and drive to conditions.


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