SH 176 West: NW 9999 to FM 1788
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SH 176 West: NW 9999 to FM 1788

Project description

The SH 176 West project is located in Andrews County and runs from NW 9999 to FM 1788. SH 176 serves as the US Department of Energy’s Waste Isolation Pilot Plan route between Big Spring, Texas and New Mexico.

The goal of the proposed project is to improve safety and increase mobility along the corridor due to decreased safety and mobility associated with truck and vehicular traffic along SH 176 in Andrews County.

Existing highway

The existing SH 176 highway is mostly a two-lane undivided rural highway from NW 9999 to FM 1788. The existing roadway generally consists of a 12-foot travel lane and eight to 10-foot outside shoulders in each direction with a 12-foot center passing lane that alternates for approximately 1.2-mile sections from one direction to another. There are several miles along the highway with no center passing lane.

Proposed highway

The proposed improvements consist of widening the existing SH 176 from NW 9999 to FM 1788 to a four-lane divided highway. The proposed roadway would include two 12-foot lanes, a 10-foot outside shoulder, and a four-foot inside shoulder on both the eastbound and westbound sides of the highway. No improvements are planned through the city of Andrews.

SH 176 West Project Limits map
Proposed typical section

Public involvement

The purpose of public involvement is to share project information and updates, present proposed project information, and collect public input. TxDOT is committed to working closely with the public on this project. All input will be considered as TxDOT moves forward in developing a plan to enhance the safety of this corridor while preparing for future growth.

Public Involvement Schedule (subject to change):