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Before a project is built, a study must be done to determine if it will fill a transportation need, will not negatively impact the surrounding area and fits the department's overall plan. During the study phase, potential projects are analyzed to determine if they are cost-effective while also efficiently improving mobility. Some of these projects have moved beyond the study phase and are under construction.


Location Project Description
Statewide Texas Electric Vehicle Planning TxDOT plans to deploy an electric vehicle charging infrastructure along public roads to establish an interconnected network across the state and nation


Highway projects

Location Project Description
East Texas I-20 East Texas Corridor Evaluation of current safety and capacity needs from Dallas to the Louisiana border
East Texas I-30 East Texas Corridor Studies needs in northeast Texas along I-30 from FM 2642 to the Texas/Arkansas state line
South Texas Texas-Mexico Border Crossings Examines options to relieve congestion at Texas-Mexico border crossings
South Texas I-10 Corridor Study Central Texas I-10 Corridor Study Evaluation of proposed improvements along I-10 from Loop 1604 in San Antonio to SH 71 in Columbus
South Texas I-37 Corridor Evaluation of I-37 from I-410 in San Antonio to I-69E in Corpus Christi to develop improvement programs
South Texas US 83 Regional Corridor Study Purpose is to enhance mobility, safety and connectivity from Interstate 2 west of Palmview in Hidalgo County to the US 59/State Loop 20 junction in Webb County.
South Texas US 57 Corridor Interstate Study Evaluate the feasibility of converting US 57 to an interstate highway, as well as how to improve east/west connectivity, enhance safety, align with previous local and state planning efforts, and promote community development and economic opportunity at the border and along the corridor.
Statewide US 90 Texas Corridor Study TxDOT is conducting a study of the entire US 90 corridor in Texas to identify multimodal needs and prioritize projects that promote the movement of people and goods along the corridor.
Statewide US 82 Texas Corridor Study The purpose of this study is to conduct a long-term, comprehensive analysis from a multimodal approach for the US 82 Texas corridor from the Texas/New Mexico state line to the Texas/Arkansas state line.
Statewide Interstate 69 System in Texas The I-69 System is being developed through a series of incremental upgrades and relief route projects and will extend through Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan providing a continuous new interstate corridor connecting Mexico, the United States and Canada.
Statewide I-10 Texas Corridor Study The I-10 Texas Corridor Study will examine currently planned transportation projects and analyze safety, connectivity, bottlenecks, and other mobility issues for the entire I-10 corridor in Texas from New Mexico to Louisiana.
Statewide I-20 Corridor Study TxDOT is identifying multimodal needs and prioritizing improvements along I-20 from the I-10 junction in Reeves County to the Texas/Louisiana state line
Statewide US 190 and I-10 Evaluates options for a corridor from Louisiana to El Paso
Statewide I-14 System in Texas The I-14 System in Texas will be developed through a series of incremental upgrades and create an extended network of highways across Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia.
Statewide Ports-to-Plains Feasibility Study West and South Texas Ports-to-Plains Corridor Examines transportation options from Laredo to the New Mexico and Oklahoma state lines
Statewide Ports-to-Plains System in Texas The Ports-to-Plains System in Texas is a 963-mile corridor and will connect four interstates, 24 state highways and 17 U.S. highways to enhance statewide and rural connectivity. 
Statewide US 290 Traffic Study (House Bill 1, Rider 50) The US 290 Traffic Study will assess traffic and usage patterns along the designated hurricane evacuation route from Beltway 8 (Sam Houston Tollway) in Houston to US 183 in Austin, approximately 145 miles, for opportunities to reduce traffic congestion.
Statewide US 287 Corridor Interstate Feasibility Study The purpose of this study is to evaluate interstate feasibility for US 287, identify corridor needs and develop prioritized improvements that enhance safety, connectivity, and mobility along the corridor.

Rail projects

Location Project Description
Statewide Texas Rail Plan Update TxDOT is updating the Texas Rail Plan to reflect the latest rail project priorities and fulfil eligibility requirements for federal funding of rail projects.
Houston-Beaumont Houston-Beaumont Freight Rail Study TxDOT is conducting a comprehensive analysis of the freight rail network in the Houston and Beaumont regions to identify mutually beneficial mobility improvements.
North Central Texas Metroplex Freight Mobility Study TxDOT is conducting an analysis of the freight and passenger rail transportation network to identify mutually beneficial mobility improvements.
Statewide Dallas-Houston High-Speed Rail Proposed high-speed rail between the Dallas and Houston areas.
Statewide Statewide Study of Grade Separation Candidates This August 2021 study identified rail and roadway system alternatives to improve vehicular/rail interaction and freight rail performance at selected at-grade crossings throughout the state.

Border projects

Location Project Description
Statewide Texas-Mexico Border Transportation Master Plan TxDOT, in collaboration and partnership with the Border Trade Advisory Committee, is working with U.S. and Mexican agencies and stakeholders to develop the Border Transportation Master Plan.